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Hello! I'm Dr. H. Jean...


...a highly experienced, professionally trained Clinical and Forensic Psychologist in the city of Philadelphia, PA. The seasoned psychologist of more than seventeen years currently serves as an administrator for the city and Adjunct Professor, Temple University Department of Psychology. Dr. Wright leads the city’s cross-system collaboration initiative, working with criminal justice stakeholders within the adult criminal justice system to enhance the delivery of behavioral health services for people in recovery involved in the justice system. With the assistance of a dynamic team, Dr. Wright was able to usher in a more cohesive relationship between the Department of Behavioral Health and Justice Partners. As a result, the lines of communication improved, as well as the efficiency, and provided a wide range of opportunities for citizens returning from incarceration.

Prior to his current responsibilities; Dr. Wright served as Associate Director of Clinical Management for the city’s non-profit managed care organization, where he had the awesome responsibility of overseeing clinical care managers and staff stationed at Family Court. Dr. Wright also served as Clinical Director of the Juvenile Justice initiative, within the Philadelphia Behavioral Health System and Program Director for city’s Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) initiative, which is one of Philadelphia’s signature public health education initiatives. Before coming to Philadelphia; Dr. Wright served as a clinical and forensic psychologist in the State of Ohio’s Rehabilitation and Correction System, maintained a caseload in private practice, and adjunct professor at Wilberforce University, the oldest historically black college in the United States. 

Dr. Wright has actively participated on several boards including The Mayor’s Task Force on Reintegration, The Mayor’s Advisory Task Force on Gaming, The Philadelphia Board of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, The American Bar Association Barriers Project, and Youthville USA, Inc. Board of Directors, where he was Clinical Director of Therapeutic Foster Care Group Homes, in Raleigh, NC. Currently, he is a member of the American Psychological Association serving on Division 41, American Psychology-Law and Society Continuing Education committee, as well as a member of Division 36, Society for Psychology of Religion and Spirituality. 

Using his extensive knowledge from years of experience, Dr. Wright has contributed to psychological research and literature with several papers and articles focusing on people of color and the effects of depression and anxiety. He has written several articles published in journals, educational newsletters, and faith-based magazines, including The Education Highway, Healthy Horizons, The Pacific Press, and The Lake Union Herald, where his contribution focused on the connection between psychology, faith, and spirituality.

Dr. Wright recently completed a book: Find Strength In Your Struggle: Discover The Miracle In You, which highlights his concept of “spiritual depression” and how it impacts the spiritual core of people from all walks of life. He also spends considerable time conducting seminars, workshops, and trainings on a variety of topics related to behavioral health and wellness, public health education, and trauma-informed care, for a diverse group of clientele, including law enforcement, rehabilitation and correction, academic institutions, Judicial Appointees, faith-based organizations, and community service agencies providing behavioral health resources and support to people in recovery in the Common Wealth of Pennsylvania and throughout the United States.

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Dr. H. Jean Wright II





Dr. H. Jean  Provides a Variety of Services Including


Public Speaking



Positive and Negative Reinforcement

Human Behavior

Behavioral Health and Justice

Behavioral Health and Faith


Public Health Education Training: Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)


MHFA is a public education program designed to teach community members how to identify, understand, and respond to a person experiencing a behavioral health problem or crisis, the course empowers community members and emergency responders to intervene and provide First Aid until appropriate treatment and support are received or the crisis is otherwise resolved. Individuals certified in MHFA are better equipped to answer the questions: “What can I do now?” and “Where can I direct this person to get help?”  Through MHFA training we could have a tremendous impact in educating the general public across the USA. Through public education; stigma reduction and early intervention will improve the lives of those with behavioral health challenges.


Behavioral Health and Wellness Workshops, Seminars, and Presentations


Consultation and Training for Behavioral Health, Government, and Justice Partners


How to develop collaborative strategies to support citizens with behavioral health challenges (i.e. mental illness and substance use/dependence), while incarcerated, and when returning to the community.


Consultation and Training for Faith-Based Organizations


How to develop trauma-informed congregations to support members with behavioral health challenges.

How faith and spirituality positively impact wellness and recovery.


Many More Topics in Dr. Wright’s Areas of Expertise


His points of interest and specialties include human behavior across the lifespan, group dynamics, children and youth issues, minorities in mental health, cross-system collaboration (s) between behavioral health agencies and the justice system, the Juvenile Justice System, the Adult Criminal Justice System, justice-involved persons in recovery (PIR) with severe mental health and co-occurring challenges, substance use/dependence, and dynamics of psychosocial relationships.


Dr. Wright has an enthusiastic and motivational approach, well honed after years of public speaking for government agencies, faith-based organizations, and adjunct professor on a university campus. His engaging style not only seeks to educate, but also to encourage the listener to be an active participant, bringing their own personal and professional experiences to bear on the subject at hand.


Mental Health


Social Services

Public Speaking

Case Management

Program Development

Audiobook Retail Sample - by L. David Harris
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Life Happens!

And When It Does, God Does His Greatest Work!

Our world is becoming increasingly violent and troubled, marked by countless natural and manmade disasters, and life crises: tsunamis, earthquakes, terrorist mass killings, wars, job insecurity, financial struggles, and more. In response to the chaos and confusion, an ever- increasing number of us are suffering physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually, trying to survive the daily grind of hectic lives. In such times, it is vital that our faith "not rest on human wisdom, but on God's power" (1 Corinthians 2:5). 

In Find Strength in Your Struggle: Discover the Miracle in You, you will: 

  • Learn ways to manage stress and anxiety and maintain healthy emotional, psychological, behavioral, and spiritual functioning. 

  • Explore the connection between spirituality and physical health, emotional well-being, and positive mental strength and resilience. 

  • Discover how to place your faith firmly in God in the midst of even life's worst tests, trials, and tragedies, and see God do His greatest work in you!

In Find Strength in Your Struggle: Discover the Miracle in You, you will learn that God created you to thrive, not just survive. You will deepen your faith in God, and trust that He has given you all you need to overcome any and every adversity life throws at you. You will find new depths of peace, joy, and personal power. Allow God to do His best work in you, today.

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